Goals for 2018

I am not going to write a 2017 in review post, because from a business point of view, it would be depressing. I did a lot of amazing things in 2017, but it didn’t include much in the way of publishing.

(But I saw the Grand Canyon! Mount Rushmore! New York City! Beaches on all three coasts — Atlantic, Pacific, and over a month on the Gulf. Yeah, in a life sense, it was a very cool year. But this is the business site, so, ahem, I have to admit, I was a lousy business-person in 2017.)

My resolution for 2018 is to write more, edit less. Also probably write more, travel less.

And yes, I do plan to finish writing A Gift of Grace and publish it. I really hope it’ll be available by spring 2018. I’m also going to start writing A Precarious Balance, the sequel to A Lonely Magic.

Happy New Year!