A Precarious Magic

For millennia, the Sia Mara have hidden from humanity in magical underwater refuges.

Once they had seven of them.

Only six remain. 

What happened to Wai Pa? 

For Fen, the only known survivor of the fallen refuge, the answer could mean life or death. After an unprecedented series of events, she now represents Wai Pa on the Sia Maran Great Council. But she also knows a secret: her mother claimed the city of Val Kyr was responsible for the disaster that destroyed their home. 

When Gaelith — gifted healer, powerful mage, anticipated future queen of Syl Var, and Fen’s friend — disappears, Fen is quick to suspect the delegation from Val Kyr. Have they kidnapped Gaelith? Do they still want to murder Fen herself? Are they planning to destroy the city of Syl Var next? 

And what can she do to stop them? 

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