Quick numbers update

A quick update (because I currently have COVID and am going back to bed in the very near future):

One month after publication, I’ve earned $828.30 from A Gift of Luck.

For perspective, A Precarious Magic‘s lifetime # is $1,088.74, and Practicing Happiness‘s lifetime number is $1,747.19. So not bad.

But for further perspective, I earned $2,664.34 from A Gift of Grace in its first month of release. So not good, either. So it goes.

Watching the numbers, I also can’t tell whether the free day aligned with the BookBub notification did much of anything: the very next day was up slightly (15 copies sold), but all subsequent days were under five copies. I probably would not run that experiment again. Remember that, self! But I do want to experiment with free days and advertising.

Someday. Real soon now. Probably after I recover from COVID, though.