the covers of all the books in the SFWA Take No Prisoners StoryBundle

Take No Prisoners!

I’m delighted to announced that A Lonely Magic has been included in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Association’s “Take No Prisoners” StoryBundle, available now until August 17th, 2023.


So, obviously, if you’re reading this post, you probably don’t need to buy A Lonely Magic, since the chance that you haven’t picked it up somewhere along the way or at least read it via KU feels remote to me.


BUT! There are 12 other books in the bundle and somewhere along the way, someone in the powers-that-be at StoryBundle and the SFWA decided that these books have enough in common that they belonged together. Ergo, if you liked A Lonely Magic, maybe you’ll like some or all of them, too.


And for $20 for a dozen books, (13, really , including the one I think you already read), it’s a good deal for some fun summer reading.


Here’s the deal:

For $5 (or more, if you’re feeling generous), you’ll get the core bundle of four books in any ebook format available:

  • Shadows of Insurrection by Vanessa McClaren-Wray
  • The Ring and the Flag by William L. Hahn
  • She’s the One Who Thinks Too Much by S.R. Cronin
  • Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn by Danielle Ackley-McPhail & Day Al-Mohamed

If you’re willing to spend $20, you’ll get all four of the core books, plus these NINE additional books, for a total of thirteen.

  • A Lonely Magic by S.J. Wynde
  • Duster by Adam Stemple
  • In Veritas by C.J. Lavigne
  • Metropolitan by Walter Jon Williams
  • No Demons But Us by A.S. Etaski
  • Sasharia en Garde by Sherwood Smith
  • The Runemaster Homicide by Dan Jolley
  • The Stones of Resurrection by Tameri Etherton
  • Thorfinn and the Witch’s Curse by Jay Veleso Batista


I hope you’ll give the bundle a try. I’m trying not to read anything new right now — I want to finish at least one of the many projects I’m working on, before I get lost in some other author’s world — but I’m looking forward to rewarding myself for my efforts with a fantasy binge someday very soon!