Entering Summer

Yesterday I set up goals for myself in my file for the book tentatively called A Gift of Sight, but maybe changing to A Gift of Touch. Probably, in fact, changing to A Gift of Touch. I’ve just started writing it really, the past couple of months having been filled with other distractions, including pet-sitting and a ten-day trip to Florida, but I think Touch is probably a lot more apt than Sight is. My cover idea (sunglasses) will just have to get saved for some future book.

At any rate, I’m 2000 words or so into the book and it’s already heading in unexpected but interesting directions, so I’m looking forward to this discovery draft. Also reminding myself that it’s a discovery draft, so it’s allowed to meander for a while.

My ambitious goals have me finishing the project by the end of July, which one part of me thinks is perfectly feasible — two months to write a fun, straightforward story ought to be completely achievable — while another part of me rolls my eyes. Sure, it ought to be achievable, but… well, I think I need to stick with visualizing success, so I will be visualizing success.

I’m also working on lots of other things, however, including some experimentation with BookBub ads, some more time revising covers, some audiobook work (A Gift of Time should show up any day) and some editing for a friend. I am not going to be too hard on myself when I don’t get it all done. But I am going to try to stay focused. Posting regular updates to this blog and developing a mailing list/newsletter are so aspirational for me — I’ve been trying to do both for years, with no success! — but one step at a time, right?

And now back to work.