36 Questions

The big news from the month of August is that I published a short story, 36 Questions, which is available for free on Amazon from September 1 – 3, 2017.

(I threw in the year because I was reading a blog post recently that seemed all wrong… and then I realized it was from 2008. No wonder the writer wasn’t up-to-date!)

Work on A Gift of Grace continues. In my last update, I said I expected to finish and that I thought rewrites might take a while: I didn’t actually finish but I did start rewriting (again!) and I do expect these rewrites to take a while. At the moment, it seems to have gone in a totally different direction than any other version. I think I like it, but it means replacing a lot of previously written content.

But I persist. I will finish someday.

While you wait, go grab 36 Questions. It’s short, but fun.