The Unexpected News

Cover for Cici-and-the-Curator

So I did a thing.

It was a most unexpected thing, frankly. I started a story back in December 2016, with no idea where it was going. A girl behind the desk at a museum, two giant monster dogs, a rude guest… It was part of my quest to write 1000 fiction words a day, every day, to see if I could remind myself how to write. (At that point, I was two years in to the never-ending writing and rewriting and more rewriting of A Gift of Grace, and feeling very, very stuck.) I wrote a couple thousand words and then I set it aside, and went back to Grace.

But when November 2018 rolled around, I decided to write a NaNoWriMo project. Fifty thousand words later, I kept writing. And when I’d finished the story and found the ending, I liked it. I liked it a lot.

Cici and the Curator

A delightful interstellar adventure featuring a museum of mysterious artifacts and a magical heroine.

Accident? Self-defense? Or murder?

Cici Wainwright loves her job working at the ticket counter of the famed Guanyasar Collection, a museum of mysterious artifacts from around the galaxy. But customer service jobs always have one big drawback: the customers. When Cici’s attempt to help an unpleasant guest goes horribly wrong, she’s left trying to conceal the evidence.

Unfortunately, the evidence is alive.

Also carnivorous, poisonous, and capable of teleporting. 

Also cute. With fluffy tails. 

Cici knows she ought to vaporize the two monster dogs. After all, they ate their owner. They’re clearly dangerous. But she just doesn’t have it in her. Instead she hides them, turning her one little mistake into one big disaster. Will she survive? And more importantly, will she lose her job?