Oh, my God, Tomely.

They’re sort of like someone said, “Hey, what’s your fantasy in a book selling site?” and I drew a map.

I drop an epub onto their image and suddenly, an epub and a mobi exist, with the meta data updated to the book description. I set the price and then set discounts for people who tweet or FB-mention the book. I get 80% of the sale price, delivered via Paypal the moment the reader buys. Okay, doesn’t this sound insane?

It does sound insane.

I’m waiting for the catch.

But meanwhile, I’m taking full advantage of the promo codes that let me send readers a link to download ebooks in whatever format they choose.

And within the week, all the book links on all of my sites are going to be updated to Tomely only. Sure, it’s nice to link to Amazon and B&N and Apple and Kobo–but reality check, every Tomely sale gets me more money, plus provides my readers with both formats so that they can read on any device they like. I’m not going to discourage readers from buying anywhere they like, but why should I send them anywhere else? And the joy of managing one link on all those pages instead of an endless and ever-growing number is worth something to me.

There might be a catch. I’m always a skeptic. I won’t be surprised if something goes dramatically wrong and Tomely disappears. But since they’re paying *immediately* (did I mention that before? IMMEDIATELY!!), I won’t have too much at stake if they do. And meanwhile, I get to send people codes instead of waiting patiently for five minutes while files upload. Woo-hoo! Go check them out. Buy books from them. I can’t imagine a better way to support indie publishers and an innovative marketplace. Thanks, Tomely!