Hello world!

I’m actually rather charmed by the Hello world! title. I think I’ll leave it.

So, yeah, welcome to Rozelle Press. I’ll probably delete this blog post eventually, but for now, I will think aloud. (Or, you know, in pixels as it happens.)

Things to do: update all the books so that Rozelle Press is the official publisher, on all sites, including Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, & B&N.

Write some content for this site. Possibly decide what my goal is? Definitely do an editorial services page. Also a books page, of course. A contact page. An About Us page? Maybe set the goal of getting a page done a day. Browse some other small publishers and see what sorts of pages are typical.

Continue to research marketing sites and promotional opportunities. Set an ad budget and prioritize?

And write every day, of course. Time to go do that for a while!